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The term “hub” has several meanings, such as open interaction and collaboration, and it is often used as a brand more than a simple noun. However, do you really know what a technology innovation hub is? Is it just a trend meaning “incubators”, “science parks” or “training facilities”?

Actually, a hub is a new organisational form and its concept is quite different from the common meanings assigned to it in the modern society. Let’s see what an hub truly is.

an innovation hub is a community

Innovation hubs are meeting points for a community. They consist of people sharing an identity and having a sense of belonging and participation as a community, in which people are inspired and motivated around the common cause of the hub.

innovation hubs are self-organising and adaptive

Self-organization and adaptive nature are at the hearth of the innovation hub as a community. Innovation hubs emerge from the initiative of innovators and entrepreneurs that constantly adapt them to changing community needs. Therefore, hub managers usually see themselves less as leaders and more as facilitators. While sponsors are usually needed to fund hubs, they are only seen as supporters that organise an agenda based on the needs of the community.


The innovation hubs can be more or less selective in terms of which causes they want to support, but the truth is that the entrepreneurial world strongly influences that choice. To quantify the impact of the hubs, they are very challenging, especially if they offer different programmes.


Hubs aim at bringing together people with different backgrounds. In this scenario, creativity and brainstorming create a structure in which individuals interact with others. In fact, hubs invite people to step out of the routine and openly interact with new people until something happens. Within the community everyone is encouraged to engage with everyone else, which is the most challenging aspect of the hubs.

Causes supported by Innovation hubs

Hubs are different from those organisational models that only provide business support without a traditional incubator. They have an active role in the innovation eco-systems, combining structured organisational models and support programmes.


JO Education is the founder of Innovation Hub Catania IHCT and promotes new technologies among people through the organisation of workshops and brainstorming sessions. Our innovation hub gives people a chance to share any new progress in the technological world and helps businesses and start-ups to grow.

JO Education helps accelerating the various aspects of innovation and new technologies, so that also young people have the opportunity to do something great for the society in which they live.

The innovation hub based in Catania is part of a group of companies founded in 1998 (JO Group) with core business in digital transformation and EU project consulting.

If you are looking for an authoritative partner for projects that promote digital transformation and smart city, JO Education could be the solution for you.