Integration of disadvantaged people


JO Education is an Italian non-profit organization based in Sicily, that has the objective of tackling discrimination by promoting the integration of disadvantaged people and the empowerment of groups at risk, in particular young people, women and those suffering from long-term unemployment for a better integration in the labour market and in the society.

In an inclusive society, in fact, members not only have the right to education or the right to political participation but actually take part in the process in an active and conscious way. What is most significant in creating integration is the engagement of the individual in the process by which society is managed, ordered and represented.

One of JO Education most important aims is to motivate people to participate in civic, social, economic and political activities, at the local, national and international levels. A society where all members are provided with the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives, is a society that will best foster principles of inclusiveness.

Social inclusion needs to occur on various dimensions and different levels. It is a process through which the dignity of each individual is recognized, needs and concerns of all members are reflected, rights of all people are not only guaranteed in legislation, but also respected, and people are able to participate actively in life activities.

JO Education addresses to disadvantaged people who are underrepresented on the labour market and for whom a normal pathway does not offer a solution. In order to increase the social participation of these target groups, enforced guidance and modified training or tailor-made support is required, including validating their competences and acquired skills. For unemployed people who are difficult to place, opportunities are offered thanks to the implementation of innovative formal and non formal training programmes.

In order to reach this social inclusion, JO Education will target a specific group and, therefore, optimally remedy the specific characteristics through which the gap with the labour market is determined

Actions are deployed within the area of social economy, in order to ensure long-lasting integration into the labour process. Through specific actions that work on lowering the threshold in order to motivate, move and integrate these people into the society, the movement within these initiatives will be encouraged.

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These are JO Education’s specific objectives:


  • Promoting the integration of disadvantaged people (minority groups, young people, long-term unemployed, women, elderly);
  • Engaging young people and women in providing concrete answers and skills to unemployment;
  • Development of innovative formal and non-formal training programmes for different target groups (adults, NEETs, women, unemployed, immigrants, employees in search of new forms of training and education);
  • Creation of an inclusive society;
  • Promotion of gender equality;


These are JO Education’s specific competencies:

  • Development of an innovative ICT learning approach for training activities;
  • International cooperation project planning and management;
  • Organization of national and international meetings and conferences;
  • Development of targeted dissemination and promotion strategies to raise awareness towards the importance of the integration of disadvantaged people.